Prothèse pénienne gonflable ayant une valve actionnée par pliage.

N° de brevet: EP0358380 (A1)
Date de publication: 1990-03-14
Demandeur(s): AMERICAN MED SYST [US];
Classification: A61F2/26;
N° de demande: EP19890308582 19890824 
Numéro(s) de priorité: US19880238008 19880829 
An implantable penile prosthesis (10) comprises a tubular body for implantation in a patient's penis and a fluid reservoir for implantation in a patient's body. The tubular body and reservoir are in fluid communication with each other. The tubular body comprises a tubular chamber (12) which is inflatable from a flaccid to an erect state when filled substantially to capacity. Fluid flow to and from the chamber is by way of a manually actuatable valve system. The valve system moves between an open position allowing for change from the erect state to the flaccid state, and a closed position allowing for change from the flaccid state to the erect state. The valve system is movable from the second closed position to the first open position by bending of the penis.

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